The beauty of the journey

<strong>The beauty of the journey</strong>

There are many reasons why we need to travel. For us, it is pleasure, relaxation, desire to discover or learn about other cultures. It is part of our human being, we feel driven by the desire to follow our curiosity, especially when it leads us to raise our lives. Between work and tight deadlines it is often not easy to reconcile our lives with a trip, often we add doubts about the management of our finances, which leads us to prefer savings, to make up for the shortcomings in the most difficult moments, rather than investing in our well-being. 

The journey finally helps us to get to know each other better through the discovery of new places, opens our eyes and ultimately, at the end of the trip, we have more energy to continue with our commitments in everyday life. Although it is nice to travel and above all enjoy the journey in total serenity, it is necessary to have the availability and financial solidity that allows us to experience the best possible travel experience.

The goals of summer 2018

The four main destinations of this hot summer 2018 are certainly Greece, Spain, and Croatia. These destinations are suitable for young people as for retirees, in fact, they offer the opportunity to relax in fantastic beaches, sip cocktails by the sea and spend romantic dinners, also by the sea.
They are places with a strong historical culture and rich in colorful and fragrant landscapes. Among the most visited and naturally recommended cities in Greece, there is certainly Thessaloniki, the hub of the Greek economy that offers beautiful typical dinners by the sea, while for the younger ones it is highly recommended Mykonos. In Spain, you can admire beautiful beaches and an optimal climate for the summer, especially in the Balearics, you should definitely see Palma de Mallorca and Menorca. As for Croatia, one of the destinations increasingly requested by tourists, you can not only visit cities like Split and Dubrovnik, their coasts overlook the Adriatic with breathtaking landscapes, admire the fantastic architecture and the wonderful castles.

Leasecredi financing

We love traveling and we want to make sure that anyone can live unforgettable experiences without having to stress for their financial doubts. The Leasecredi funding is born, for this reason, to give the opportunity to anyone to relax and discover new fantastic places. The Leasecredi loan is reserved for Public and State Employees, Pensioners and Employees of Large Private Companies. Its ease of use arises from the fact that the applicant can choose the installment and repay the loan comfortably on the basis of the chosen installments. Moreover, thanks to the innovation of our service, we have managed to halve the times. We have developed a process that, thanks to our back office, speeds up the approval of the practices and consequently speeds up the disbursement of the loan.

How to request it

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We have also speeded up this process, in fact you can find us on popular social channels such as Instagram, Whatsapp at 346 306 3475, on our Google and of course you can come and visit us in our offices in Cagliari Via Pierluigi da Palestrina, 48 / B. Thanks to GreenTouch lenders it becomes simple and immediate to request financing, in addition we offer a free consultation that makes it possible to speed up the path of acceptance of the loan so as to deliver it even faster.

Happy holiday

The whole Leasecredi team wishes you to spend some fantastic holidays, which are relaxing and special!